Security Guarding

The presence of a uniformed security officer on site has proven to be an extremely effective method of securing sites and business premises. It is a well-known fact that the presence of a uniformed Security Officer will probably deter the would be thief or vandal where CCTV cameras may not. Multisec (UK) can supply uniformed Security Officers that will give your business an element of prestige as they welcome your staff and visitors, they can also be an excellent source of information. We can provide security guards that will patrol your business premises out of business hours to deter the criminal element from your business premises.

Based in Leicester, Multisec (UK) supplies a broad range of high quality security guarding services to private and public sector organizations across the Midlands, all our personnel are SIA Licensed, highly motivated, professional and will be fully trained on the individual requirements of your business.

Our Operations Team ensure that precise Assignment Instructions (AI’s) are prepared so that we provide the most suitable Security Officers who meet our client’s individual requirements and expectations.

The staff is supported by a dedicated management team, who provide them with back up, guidance and the necessary training requirements.

Multisec (UK) is an SIA Approved Contractor for the provision of Security Guarding.

Static Security Guarding

Multisec (UK)’s professional static security guards are fully trained and experienced, uniformed personnel who remain on-site during the day or night at one specific site for an agreed period of time.

Roles for our Officers are many and varied, which may include regular security checks across the whole of the site, monitoring CCTV screens, open/closing of the property and covering out of hour’s reception duties. Our Officers are selected for their particular attributes and skills compatible with our customers and sites demands. They then receive subsequent training on these specific sites.

Multisec (UK) provide static security guards, gatehouse and concierge services throughout the East Midlands including retail developments and business sites, industrial parks, warehouses, schools, construction sites, housing associations and car parks.

Static security guards offer an extremely strong visual deterrent against potential criminals.

Retail Security Officers

Multisec (UK)’s professional retail security officer’s main job is to keep a watchful eye on stock, staff and the customers…particularly customers with criminal intentions. Acting like a human CCTV camera, their primary role is preventing any theft or damage from taking place from within the store, Multisec (UK)’s officers also posses good customer services skills.

When employing Multisec (UK)’s professional Retail Security Officers, you will find them to have the following attributes:

  • – Honest
  • – Awareness of your surroundings
  • – Strong Communicating skills (required when talking to shoplifters and police)
  • – Assertive
  • – Polite and helpful
  • – Good writing ability (for the reports)
  • – Confidence to challenge people (not everyone is going to admit they’re a shoplifter)
  • – Initiative
  • – Ability to adapt and deal with the unexpected
  • – Confident using CCTV and other monitoring equipment

Our Uniformed security officers, provides a highly effective visual deterrent for potential criminals, and additional safety for both employees and customers.

Reception Security & Concierges

The primary role of Multisec (UK)’s concierges and reception security is to prevent unauthorised access to the building whilst enhancing the presentation of your business. Concierge and reception is often the first contact that your visitors encounter and the impression they create is extremely important. In essence it is a two-tiered service; security and front of house, we consolidated two roles into one.

The service is bespoke, and as such can include various roles and duties for example, directing visitors opening doors and taking coats, management and monitoring of car parking, CCTV monitoring based from reception, patrolling, meeting room management, security alerts, switchboard and corporate help desk, co-ordination of fire evacuations, monitor/report health & safety, meet and greet, first aider at work mail room management.

Our concierge/receptionists are customer service focused, they are fully aware of the necessity for building security and the importance of maintaining a secure, inviting and welcoming reception. We understand that first impressions count, which is why we only employ friendly and efficient people to represent your Company.

Mobile Patrols

Multisec (UK) Security delivers a professional Mobile Patrol Service to customers throughout the Midlands area, including Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, and Coventry. Our mobile patrols are a highly effective, visual and a physical deterrent against any potential criminal activity.

Our mobile patrol security officers will arrive at your site in a highly visible, fully liveried security patrol car and undertake a pre-determined patrol covering all the access-points, perimeters and areas necessary. Security patrols are completed at random time intervals at a frequency agreed with the client to prevent anyone who may be monitoring your property from predicting patrol times.

This service includes taking preventative security measures such as locking unsecured windows and doors and preventing potential damage to property by checking for fire and flood hazards.

Security signage is also installed in and around the sites to give a visual deterrent to potential criminals.

All visits are undertaken in accordance with BS7499 and are electronically monitored providing an auditable trail of service.

Key Holding Services

 Multisec (UK) Security key holding service can not only eliminate the inconvenience of false alarm activations, but also assist you in exercising your Duty of Care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of a genuine activation.

Most employers will allocate a member of staff on a rota basis to attend an alarm activation to the business premises. Alarms have a habit of activating in the wee small hours, which adds to the uncertainty of the cause. Lone workers attending the premises may be exposed to a duress situation whereby alerting the authorities may not be possible or they may be greeted by hostility whilst on site.

In the event of your alarm being activated, our 24 hour rapid response unit will liaise with your Alarm Receiving Centre, verify the cause of the activation and if necessary, liaise with the police, alarm companies and repair contractors on your behalf, to resecure your premises as quickly as possible.

There may also be occasions where you require building access by employees, contractors or other visitors outside of normal hours. Multisec (UK) Security will look after your keys and provide lock and unlock services for your premises.

Multisec (UK) Security can provide authorised access to tradesmen in emergencies relating to facilities such as water or gas/electric etc. Multisec (UK) Security will assess your premises, the threat and risk of unauthorised access and advise you on the best possible solution at highly competitive rates.