Crowd Safety Management

At Multisec (UK) we have a proud history of providing high quality tried and tested event crowd safety management. Crowd safety management includes planning for, and supervision of, the orderly movement and assembly of people. Based in Leicester, Multisec (UK) can apply crowd and event modelling techniques for places of public assembly across the UK, covering a wide range of events including music festivals, sporting events, carnivals, shows, concerts and corporate functions. We can provide excellent and efficient crowd safety management to ensure your visitors are safe at all times.


Crowd safety risk analysis will focus on the possible environmental psychology of crowds during four key phases of:

  • – Crowd arrival and queuing
  • – Ingress and/or processing
  • – Attendance
  • – Egress to include possible evacuation

Multisec (UK) will adopt a scientific approach to the development of a robust crowd safety management plan which will include the assessment of the handling capabilities of a space prior to use, evaluation of projected levels off occupancy, adequacy of means of ingress and egress, processing procedures such as ticket collection, and expected types of activities and group behaviour.

The crowd safety management plan will be developed by our skilled and experienced industry professionals. With public safety at our core, we will work closely with organisers, local authorities and agencies to generate a robust crowd safety management plan, including contingency arrangements for a host of potential risks. Once agreed and signed off by the customer prior to the event, Multisec (UK) will communicate this to all key stakeholders through presentations and training.

Every member of staff working at the event, including stewards, will need to be fully briefed on the management of crowd safety and their roles and responsibilities including emergency evacuation.